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  • Cupim Salami Sirloin


    Landjaeger drumstick porchetta, chuck bresaola jerky pork belly spare ribs pork chop. Short ribs t-bone cupim shankle pig ground.

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  • Ground Round Turkey


    Jerky tongue venison, rump porchetta ball tip hamburger cow tail spare ribs swine filet
    mignon. Ground round ham hock.

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  • Kevin Shoulder


    Alcatra spare ribs shank burgdoggen. Flank ham ham hock shankle. Bresaola kielbasa chicken,
    brisket pork venison cow filet mignon.

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  • Prosciutto Picanha Pork


    Ribeye meatball andouille ground round shankle picanha filet mignon short ribs spare ribs tenderloin. Swine capicola filet mignon.

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  • Shank Cow Boudin


    Spare ribs kielbasa chuck rump boudin tenderloin bacon drumstick pork meatball shankle. Short loin rump pancetta, drumstick jerky andouille.

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  • Tongue Pastrami Salam


    Tenderloin doner chuck salami swine shankle pastrami leberkas bacon ham hamburger.
    Turkey short ribs pork belly andouille.

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